Joe Welder Protection - Horrible and Harassing Service

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Joe Gonzalez, is not only misleading, untrustworthy but he has a problem w rejection.He was supposed to provide a service of cementing three pole that were destroyed during a flood but his intentions were to try to impress the owner(female) and do his lousy and lazy short cut of a job.

From the history of complaints, Joe's business Joe Welder Protection is misleading(as stated by Joe Gonzalez himself) people will hire his business because they think they are hiring "Joe Welder" a REAL BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL. Joe Gonzalez asked our owner out for a drink and when she kindly declined, he was not happy. Joe Gonzalez has TRIED to indirectly attack the owner and business.

With every attempt, the owner and our business has been cleared of any FALSE ACCUSATIONS, we take pride in our business and we follow through in everything.It is really sad that Joe Gonzalez/Joe Welder Protection cannot do the same, and slander will get you no where when you go up against a business that has the integrity that you lack Joe Gonzalez/Joe Welder Protection.

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